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 Sex & Relationships 

Are You Realistic With Women?

 By John Rock
 Laid For Life

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Let me ask you a question:

Are you a realist?

Do you have a good handle on "what's going on" at all times?

Because if you do... I've got some bad news for you...

Most of the guys I know that get a lot of girls or have the hottest girlfriends are NOT realistic about their chances with women.

They always expect the best possible outcome, even when "reality" tells everyone else they have no shot.

I talked about my friend Daniel recently, now I'm going to tell you a bit about another of my friends: James.

James is a Doctor.

He makes good money.

(no one can tell that he is a doctor just by looking at him, so in the beginning, he has all the same disadvantages any other normal guy does when first walking up to a woman)

He isn't really in shape, but he's not bent out of shape too badly either.

James has a good sense of humor, he dresses ok, and is what I regard as a fairly normal guy.


James is the most persistent guy I've ever gone out to meet women with.

When a normal guy would be retreating away from an approach that has turn into a train wreck... like the girl physically pushing him away saying "just go and talk to someone else"...

James stays there.

He smiles.

He opens up his physiology.

He invites the girl in, even though it is apparent that he is NOT what she is looking for.

And he does this all the time.

What do you think he does at a bar when his girl of choice tries to leave and "get a drink" or "go to the bathroom"?

What do YOU do when that happens?

Do you feel a bit humiliated?

Do you feel a little frustrated?

Would you like to keep the girl there, engaged, and ALSO have her become attracted to you?

Because James does this as part of his own natural "game".

Before I share what he does (it's really very simple, but you need to know why it works before I tell you how it works)... let me ask you another question:

Do you watch the discovery channel?

Have you ever seen how a male skunk "coaxes" a female skunk into his burrow?

He grabs her, and pulls her into his hole!

That's it!

Now, it's not quite as simple as that - there are other males around a female in estrus - so there is some competition.

But essentially his "display" involves ignoring the interference of other males, ignoring the reluctance of the female, and carrying on with what his plan always was: getting the girl.

You see, persistence is a great indicator of strength.

In my own life, I know some women that won't become attracted to any man that hasn't gone through her "rejection" a few times.

It's how those girls know he is a strong male.

And it really doesn't matter how much money the guy makes or how good looking he is.

Sure those things are factors, but by themselves, they factor LESS than persistence.

Interesting, huh?!

So, what does James do to keep his target girl with him when she is trying to leave?

As she turns around, and goes to walk away, he grabs her arm and with a big smile says "hey, I'm not done with you yet!"

And then continues telling stories, cracking jokes and moving in on her.

It's not too long before she starts to get "into" him, despite the fact it was obvious to any normal guy that James had NO chance at any stage before he starts kissing his girl...

Simple? Yes.

Easy to do? Sort-of. (if you can get past your initial knee jerk reaction of "ejecting" as soon as you think the girl wants to leave)



About the author
Do YOU know what to say to approach a woman in ANY environment? John Rock breaks it down at - find out how to do this & more!

John Rock is a professional approach and attraction coach. Learn how to date from inside the secret world of a pick-up-artist.

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