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 Sex & Relationships 

Not Happy And Wanting Out

 By Stephen Blake
 Long Distance Romances

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After being married for close to 15 years, my now ex-husband, decided he wasn't happy and wanted out of our marriage.

After the grieving period, I started to go out and ended up in a few dead-end relationships. Until I met Brian.

I was in a bar one night when he caught my eye. So much, in fact, that I went to him and introduced myself;something I have never done in my life, but I knew I had to meet this man. The rest is history.

From that night on, until now, we were inseparable. We did everything together and had a blast doing it. So much in common, we enjoyed each others company tremendously. After dating for a year and a half, he proposed and I accepted.

One month later, he moved to South Carolina to work for his fathers company. A business, Brian someday hopes to run on his own. It was a move he had to make. It means a bright and promising future for us. But in the meantime, I am here and he is there.

He tries to make it home at least one weekend a month and I will be visiting him for 2 weeks very soon. I am actually flying for the very first time in my life to be with the man I love!!!

We burn up our cell phone hours and spend countless hours instant messaging back and forth. An occasional miss you, love you card is always in one of our mailboxes.

I never thought I could miss anyone so much in my entire life. Our love for each other is unlike any love I have ever known. It is sometimes unbearable to be apart.

We both believe that we were put on this earth for each other to find. We are not going to let miles come between us, although at times it is so very difficult.

They say that love conquers all -- we face it head on every minute that we are apart.

Because of my job responsibilities, my home, my family, a son attending college, I am not able at this time to move south. I do plan on joining him for a month or two this winter. Until then, we muddle through our day to day business and look forward with much anticipation to the time we can be together.

We make those moments count!!!

Paula, Pennsylvania, USA

Learn how to handle and maintain a long distance relationship.  Learn what to expect,  how to maintain that feeling of closeness though apart and how to handle saying good bye again and again.
About the author
Loving your long distance relationship ... Love relationship advice, love advice and long distance relationship help for people in long distance relationships. Self help books on romance, love relationships, long distance
marriages, including online dating tips, relationship help, love advice and relationship problem suggestions!

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My husband wanted out. His move led to my happiness!

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