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Love & Dating

The Wait Was Worthwhile

 By Stephen Blake
 Long Distance Romances

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A year ago in March was the beginning of my true love, but I didn't know it yet. In February I had broken off a 1 year relationship that was not working out. I was sad and my girlfriend had just moved to Georgia and was really homesick. She called all her girlfriends and invited us to the Savannah St. Patrick's Day Parade weekend. I am from Miami, Florida and never really knew such a festival existed. I needed that trip so I went and was only expecting to have fun with the girls. We met a bunch of guys that were from New York (a lot were NYPD), including John. The instant we met, I felt something, but I quieted my interest. I told myself "Come on, you can't fall in love with the first guy you meet". He started joking with his friends that I was his future wife. At the end of that weekend, he asked me for my number, and I was like, "yeah, right, you live in New York and I live in Florida!" So, I gave him my email address instead. I NEVER HEARD FROM HIM!

A week later, my same girlfriend that lives in Georgia asked me if John had contacted me and I said no. She asked me if I wanted his phone number that she could get it for me from one of his friends. I told her "Nah, forget it, if he were really interested, he would have emailed me". Well, needless to say, days, weeks, months passed and soon that St. Patty's Day weekend faded away as just a fun memory. Well, I dated that summer, but nothing sparked. My ex-boyfriend was still coming around and wanted to rekindle our relationship. By the end of that summer, I gave in and figured I would just make this relationship work. Amazingly, in October I got a weird email titled "Savannah". Intrigued I opened it and it was John! It had been 7 months since we met!!! He apologized for not emailing me sooner but he SWORE he lost the piece of paper with my email address and had just found it. I, of course, rolled my eyes and replied "yeah right".

He insisted that he lost it and had just found it when he was pulling out his lugguage from the attic (it had been tucked between the lining). I asked him what piece of paper did I write it on. He replied a Bath & Body receipt -- he described the soap I bought. Ok at this point I just believed him, but then I told him I was back with my ex-boyfriend, and so sorry but we could just be email buddies. He agreed and that was that. A month later, (unrelated to John's contact with me) I broke it off with my ex for the same reasons we broke up in the beginning. At this point I was EXHAUSTED with love and had just decided not to look for it anymore. Well, the same girlfriend from Georgia called again all her same girlfriends to plan a trip to New York for her birthday. Again, I needed this trip with the girls, especially to New York City during Christmas!!! We planned a long weekend of shopping, bar hopping and eating fine food!

Right before my trip, I remembered John! I wrote him a quick email of my planned trip! He was stunned and excited. We made plans to see each other that weekend. As soon as we saw each other the SPARKS flew again and we saw it in each other's eyes! I tried to play it cool, but I was so nervous whenever my brown eyes stared into those dreamingly blue eyes!!! I tried telling myself that I was too Latina for him! I loved to Salsa, Merengue, dance in South Beach, hit all the trendy restaurants and clubs, and he was of Irish descent and loved the pubs and hanging out! However, somehow we just knew we were meant to be together. On my last day in New York, John seriously stared at me and asked if I would return to be with him. He said he wanted to get to know me better. I tried to explain that it would never work, the distance thing was a huge barrier! Its not like he could drop by and take me to the movies! Well, 2 weeks after that trip, John emailed me an e-ticket and flew me up to see him.

Needless to say, despite my initial negativity, we have been flying back and forth every 2-3 weeks to be with each other, ever since December of 2002. Every morning when I wake up I read his emails, and we talk on the phone several times a day. This LONG DISTANCE relationship, the one that I was so against, is the BEST relationship I have ever had. John is incredibly sweet, sensitive, loving, sincere, caring, funny, good-looking, considerate, respectful, and the list goes on and on. Recently, we spent our first consecutive 10 days together on a road trip to the Northeast! We drove to Newport, Rhode Island, then to Maine. We thought this would surely be the test of our relationship. We passed!! We love each other more than ever! Its expensive this relationship, but we work hard and work overtime to make the sacrifice for TRUE LOVE! Like John always tells me, "We may have hundreds of miles between us, but we have zero miles between our hearts."

Oh did I forget to mention that we have talked about me moving up to New York? Of course, only if there are wedding bells in the horizon. Guess who has made all the plans? Not me, but my Johnny! He even picked out the song he wants playing as I walk down the aisle. A guy, do this? His friends kid him all the time, and I? I just smile this knowing smile because I know he is the ONE! I am just waiting for him to ask....

Esther, Florida, USA

Learn how to handle and maintain a long distance relationship.  Learn what to expect,  how to maintain that feeling of closeness though apart and how to handle saying good bye again and again.
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Loving your long distance relationship ... Love relationship advice, love advice and long distance relationship help for people in long distance relationships. Self help books on romance, love relationships, long distance
marriages, including online dating tips, relationship help, love advice and relationship problem suggestions!

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He's the one. It just took a long time to find that out!

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